My name is Celinne Da Costa and I am blissfully, head-over-heels, crazy in love with the world.


My love story with travel dates as far back as I can remember: I was born in the heart of Rome, Italy, to an immigrant Brazilian mother and a German-raised Italian father. Since leaving Italy, I’ve gone from living in the quintessential suburbia neighborhoods that American dreams are made of, to frenziedly exploring Philadelphia while balancing my studies at University of Pennsylvania, to adventuring my way through every nook of New York City. Recently, I left behind my corporate life in New York City to couch-surf the world in search of real human connection.

In the midst of my constant moving and adjusting, I’ve feverishly searched for an anchor, only to realize that I carry it with me wherever I go. I fell in love with travel because it taught me that my oasis – the place where I can find stability, clarity, and happiness – is more than a pin on a map. It is myself.

About The Nomad’s Oasis


This blog is not about identifying the top tourist attractions in each city. There’s too much of that.

The Nomad’s Oasis explores what it means to be human, and how travel beautifies this process by opening a path to self-discovery and transformation. I offer a closer look into cultures from a local’s perspective; philosophical ramblings on what the places we visit can teach us about living a fuller life; a raw narrative of a nomadic soul chasing her dreams and purpose in this world.

Here, you will find a tale of the universal human truths I’ve consistently encountered around the world and how they’ve challenged me to connect with wildly different people, embrace the discomfort of unfamiliarity, and face change without trepidation.

I write to share my journey, to make sense of what I learn, and to immortalize its value and beauty. As I carve out my own path, unruly and winding as it may be, I hope I can lend you some inspiration to help build yours.