Let's Work Together

My vision is to help brands tell a story so compelling, resounding, and real that it will lodge itself into a nook of your audience's heart.

You know what your story is and why you are worth listening to, but is that message coming across loud and clear to your audience? Do people feel the passion behind your mission - that warm, fuzzy feeling we get when we encounter someone who just gets us? Building a devoted, loyal tribe of consumers always comes down to cultivating one of the most powerful and commanding human emotions: trust.

Remember that, before there were margins to meet and profits to make, your brand was born out of an idea and a desire to solve a problem. I’m here to help you reconnect to that story.



A raw, authentic story is the most profound and human form of expression that you can offer. I ardently believe that the most impactful stories are woven from thoughtful word smithing, powerful mental imagery, cultural context, and a touch of passion. In other words, I can tell your story, and I can tell it beautifully.

Whether it be a blog post, magazine article, copywriting, corporate communication materials, you name it - I’m quite versatile.

My writing styles include (and are not limited to):

- Creative, short stories

- Travel journalism

- Business focused

- Research based

I am a regular contributor for major U.S. publications such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, Matador Network, and Intrepid Urban Adventures, and have written for and been featured in publications including Buzzfeed, MediaPost, 360i's Blog, Marie Claire Brazil, World Nomads, and Business Insider.

Strategy Development

My goal as a strategist is to create the grooves through which ideas can flow. I work with brands to 1. identify the story you want to tell the world, 2. provide structure and guidance throughout the process of communication planning, and 3. bring that story to life on your channels in a creative and compelling way.

This includes:

- Brand Strategy

What makes you irresistible? Through creative brainstorming and briefing sessions, I can help you reconnect to your brand’s essence and resolve how to most effectively communicate your story to the world.

- Social Media Strategy

How does your audience perceive you? Maximizing growth and engagement across your channels can be achieved by creating a strong and clear brand message, thoughtfully and strategically curating content, having a focused communication plan, and building a faithful community.

- Cultural Strategy

Is your brand properly responding to cultural nuances? People’s habits and desires are intricately tied to culture, and culture is always changing. Whether it's through ethnographic research, future trend analyses, or consumer insights, I can help you better speak to your audience’s collective desires with cultural expressions that are deeply relevant and human.

Creative Collaboration

Would you trust an accountant who couldn’t do her own taxes? I don’t just talk about strategy and content creation, I have used my skill set to create my own brand and story. I am a social media influencer, with +25,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram (and growing everyday). I’m not consulting you on what to do and hoping it sticks, I’ve executed many of these tactics myself.

That being said, I am available to create customized branded content, as well as help match your brand needs to my network of talented media professionals.

This includes:

- Sponsored posts

- Press trips

- Guest blogging

- Giveaways + product reviews

More information can be found in my media kit.