Let's Work Together

My vision is to help brands tell a story so compelling, resounding, and real that it will lodge itself into a nook of your audience's heart.

You know what your story is and why you are worth listening to, but is that message coming across loud and clear to your audience? Do people feel the passion behind your mission - that warm, fuzzy feeling we get when we encounter someone who just gets us? Building a devoted, loyal tribe of consumers always comes down to cultivating one of the most powerful and commanding human emotions: trust.

Remember that, before there were margins to meet and profits to make, your brand was born out of an idea and a desire to solve a problem. I’m here to help you reconnect to that story.


Strategy Development

My goal as a strategist is to carve the grooves through which ideas can flow. I work with brands to 1. identify the brand story you want to tell the world, 2. provide structure and guidance on how to best communicate your story to a target audience, and 3. bring that story to life on your digital channels in a creative and compelling way. This includes:


Your brand is the foundation for your business - whether you are revamping your current brand or creating a new one, developing a strong brand identity is essential for communicating with your target audience, positioning you against competitors, and defining the type of content you need to produce. Through creative brainstorming and consulting sessions, we will:

  • Develop your brand identity and positioning to effectively communicate your story to the world

  • Create brand story pillars to represent the core values of your brand

  • Identify and attract your target audience

  • Develop a core content strategy for your digital channels

Social Media Strategy

Social media is crucial to any business as it influences customers to make purchasing decisions, drives sales, dictates trends, and acts as social proof. Building a faithful community across your brand’s social channels can be achieved with a clear brand message, thoughtfully curated content, and a focused communication plan. We can drive sales and attract clients by:

  • Presenting your brand story in a way that matches your vision

  • Understanding when, how, and where to post

  • Developing a visual layout that matches your brand identity

  • Creating content and copy that captures your brand’s intentions

  • Applying social media growth tactics

Strategy sessions and retainer packages are available. For more information, please email: celinnedacosta@gmail.com.


A raw, authentic story is the most profound and human form of expression that you can offer. Whether it be a blog post, magazine article, copywriting, corporate communication materials, you name it - I can tell your story, and I can tell it beautifully.

My writing styles include (and are not limited to):

  • Creative short stories

  • Travel journalism

  • Business focused

  • Research based

I am a regular contributor for major U.S. publications such as Forbes, HuffPost, Intrepid TravelMatador Network, and Intrepid Urban Adventures, and have written for and been featured in publications including Buzzfeed, MediaPost, 360i's Blog, Marie Claire Brazil, World Nomads, and Business Insider.

Creative Collaboration

Would you trust an accountant who couldn’t do her own taxes? I don’t just talk about strategy and content creation, I have used my skill set to create my own brand and story. I am a social media influencer, with +27,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram, and growing everyday. I’m not consulting you on what to do and hoping it sticks, I’ve executed many of these tactics myself.

That being said, I am available to create customized branded content, as well as help match your brand needs to my network of talented media professionals.

This includes:

  • Sponsored posts

  • Press trips

  • Guest blogging

  • Giveaways + product reviews

More information can be found in my media kit.


"Celinne’s strategy development sessions have been such a valuable resource for my brand, offering tangible solutions that I was able to implement into my business. She helped me with how to attract clientele, create a story for my brand that resonates with others, and most importantly find the real value that my brands offers to others. If you need someone to guide your brand in the right direction, providing actionable steps that you can take to thrive, then Celinne is the person to talk to!"

- Ariel Viera, Founder of Urbanist, New York City, USA


"Celinne is a client at my salon, and now I am hers. As we got to know one another during the service, there was just something about her personality and intelligence. I was hooked on how much she knew about marketing strategy and branding. 

I've been working with Celinne for a few months now, and I've seen vast improvements in my business. She has been able to dissect and educate me on marketing. In fact, the tools I have learned from her has been so imperative to my business that I am now leading and mentoring others on what she has taught me. 

Not only is Celinne knowledgeable in this field, but she truly cares about people's business. I am very much appreciative of my experience and growth with her."

- Jamielynn De Leon, Rogue Hair Salon, New York City, USA


"Thank you Celinne for the guidance you provided me with. It allowed me to clear out the obstacles I was experiencing with the social media part of my business. It's amazing how much clarity I gained since talking to you and applying the steps necessary to move forward with my desired outcome. I am forever grateful and I will definitely be working with you again in upcoming projects."

- Ralph Ruiz, Master Life Coach, New York City, USA


"I had the pleasure of knowing Celinne through a common friend for a few years and have seen her grow her own image and brand with great success and seemingly little effort (emphasis on seemingly). When I decided that I needed to work on building and establishing my own brand, it seemed obvious to go to her.

Within the course of 45 minutes, Celinne had not only clearly laid out a structured plan and blueprint to grow from, but she also had me asking the right questions. More importantly, I was answering those questions. I could see what the logical next step was. She made sure to reinforce that these changes are not overnight, that you have to start somewhere and then continually add layers.

How she communicated her thoughts, ideas and criticisms was what set her apart. She has the ability to objectively consider your goals and what you're trying to build, and then put those attributes into a plan of action that is clear, easy to follow, and extremely effective.

If you are looking to quickly define, refine, and maximize your brand's structure, I highly recommend sitting down with Celinne. Preferably before your competition does."

- Michael Everett Wood, Actor, New York City, USA


"I work in digital content marketing and I'm in contact with a lot of journalists for many years now, and I have to say that Celinne is a really unique and creative person in her approach of working. She knows how to surf between creativity, humanity and professionalism.

Celinne was willing to live new experiences with our company even though it was not in her plan at the beginning. As the result, she created deep and interesting content that was appreciated by our community on social media. The outcome of her work contributed to progressing our work on ocean preservation and people's awareness toward marine protection on international digital platforms.

More than just a good professional, Celinne is a really nice person. Our team has really appreciated her presence and sympathy. I wish her all the best in the future and hope keeping in touch to follow her beautiful journey."

- Virginie Casse, Sales and Marketing Manager, Bali, Indonesia


"I have worked with many writers over the years, and I have to say that Celinne is one of the best I've met. She has a natural talent for storytelling and digging beyond the superficial, exploring true cultural connections and experiences -- something that's a rare skill in today's travel media industry. The pieces that she's written for me have been consistently stellar, and have also been some of our biggest drivers of website traffic, proving that her work resonates with readers. Her writing is excellent, she delivers on assignments as promised, and on top of that, she's just a fun and lovely person to work with. Anyone who gets to work with Celinne is very fortunate to have her on their team."

- Tammy Burns, Content Marketing Specialist at Urban Adventures, Ontario, Canada


"Celinne is highly detail-oriented and self-organized. She is able to quickly understand the essence of a project and comes with quality results. It was our utmost privilege to work with her, and the outcome of her work has helped multiple rural communities of Nepal to get their voices heard on the international platforms. 

Celinne has this special gift of storytelling of an issue through the power of her own words. Especially, when we were working together for the development of the rural communities Homestays and women empowerment in Nepal - her article subjecting the beauty and efforts of local women in the development of the communities in Nepal has drawn the attention of thousands of people from around the world. And, within a few weeks, we could see the instant effects of her work/article on our communities. 

We would like to express our gratitude and wish her all the best for her future."

- Shiva Dhakal, Founder of Royal Mountain Travel, Kathmandu, Nepal